The financing department at Jaguar Victoria works to make your dream Jaguar affordable. We offer a variety of flexible and competitive financing plans that can be molded to fit your situation. Our team works on a case-by-case basis with each of our customers, adapting our plans to fit your Jaguar needs. We strive to present a transparent financing process so you won’t be surprised by any hidden costs or unnecessary charges. Jaguar Victoria offers a credit application form so you can easily start the vehicle buying process by getting pre-approved.


Leasing is an option that not enough people take advantage of. We find that some people just may not fully understand how leasing can work to benefit you. When you lease a Jaguar you won’t ever have to pay taxes on the whole vehicle, just for the time that you are driving it. At 36 and 48 month marks you are able to step away from your vehicle into a new vehicle with a new warranty. Collision damage won’t require you to have to pay for the depreciation caused by the accident, again, you can just walk away. All of these leasing terms aim to make sure you only have to pay for what you directly use on the vehicle.

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